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How To Run A Better Bar

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Regular wet stocktaking in your bar will help ensure you are running a better bar and creating a better business for the future. In this blog post we have put together some top stocktaking tips to run a better bar.

As you will know as the owner of a pub, it is a very liquid industry and is therefore essential that you keep a close eye on your stock at all times.

By using the services of a good stocktaker you will be shown the extent of shortfalls in your stock. You will also be shown the affect that this is having on your gross profit margins. If you have wet stocktakes regularly enough you will also be able to reduce stock loss, by spotting it earlier on and putting in a plan to stop this in the future.

It can be very tricky to spot lost stock, especially if the till in operation reports all sales as one lump sale and there is no breakdown of stock items or types of stock. We would highly recommend that you use a good quality stock reporting till system to ensure it is easier to track stock and spot stock losses sooner.

A till with pre-set buttons and categories not only means that stocktaking and stock management is easier, but it also means that your bar staff can quickly enter a customer’s order, ensure nothing is missed off the order and new staff don’t need to know all the prices off by heard either.

A good till system makes your stocktake easier to complete, easier to manage and easier to spot mistakes quickly.

If you need accurate and efficient bar stocktaking services then we highly recommend you call a member of our team today. We can visit you at your bar, pub or club at a date and time that suits you and your business needs. We will discuss what you need from a stocktake and what we can offer you. Then if you like what you hear we will book your first wet stocktake – again, on a day and time that suits you and your business.

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