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Stocktaking Services

Many licensees believe that having their accounts prepared once a year by an accountant will keep their business on the straight and narrow. Many people who follow this course are often shocked to find that they have not made as much money as they thought over year, then panic.

Imagine how much time and energy, not to mention money, you could save by having this information at your fingertips at any time (and not just when you’re preparing your annual accounts).

When you’re juggling a tight budget, stocktaking without the right systems can be horrendously time consuming – sucking hours of your valuable time; hours that would be better spent doing something else. We offer various flexible options and would only ever recommend a solution that we feel fits the needs of your business.

The Institute of Licensed Trade Stock Auditors backs the software that we use.

Our reports show:

  • Surplus and deficit stock – spot possible pilferage as soon as possible
  • Your Overall Gross Profit, as a value and as a percentage – identify where you’re losing money and where you’re making it
  • The stock holding value and number of days stock – pinpoint what you need to order and when
  • Your Gross Profit Percentage – with purchases and credits for each section, as well as for individual stock items
  • Multi-bar sites – even if you have a different pricing policy for each bar

As well as the normal period end reports we are able to produce various consolidated reports for operators of multi sites giving an overview of the company and allowing easy comparison of each site.


Wet Stocktakes

Beer, ale, Wet Stocktaking

Benefits of using Sterling Stock Auditors include:

  • Increased gross profit
  • Reduced loss
  • Improved control of allowances, reducing waste
  • Same Day Reports
  • Improved control
  • Flexible, no fixed costs to your business
  • Expertise from qualified stocktakers


Food Stocktaking

Noodles, lunch, Food StocktakingOur Stocktakers hold a valid Food Safety Certificate.

We carry out a full count of your food stocks so that we can give you accurate results.

We will discuss the results with you and give you advice on how to improve your results.

Valuations for Handover

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