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Bar stocktaking (wet stock)

Keeping an eye on your bar stocktaking (wet stock) is an important part of your business.

If you know what’s happening with your stock at any given moment, you can take action to correct problems straight away, with minimum delays and maximum damage limitation. You might even be able to prevent them altogether. You could quickly and easily identify pilfering, wastage and mismanagement.

Because the licensed trade is essentially a “cash” industry with relatively low value stock items it is wide open to abuse by unscrupulous staff. Regular stocktakes can identify such issues so that you can take remedial action straight away.

We use professional stock management software specifically designed to meet the needs of the licensed trade, and backed by the Institute of Licensed Trade Stock Auditors – freeing you up to concentrate on non-stock issues and all-important business growth.

The clear and understandable reports we provide give you immediate access to data that can help you make decisions about your products, suppliers and pricing.

Using our cutting-edge stock management software we can quickly and confidently provide businesses like yours with data to:

  • Increase gross profit
  • Reduce loss
  • Improve control of allowances, reducing waste
  • Same Day Reports
  • Improve control

Wet StocktakingBenefits of using Sterling Stock Auditors include:

  • Flexible, no fixed costs to your business
  • Expertise from qualified stocktakers
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