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When you’re running an hospitality business, most of your time is taken up making sure your business is doing what it should. Whether that’s managing people or serving clients, there’s some things that you shouldn’t have to worry about. The lights being on or your pub, restaurant, hotel, club, bar being warm and cosy for your customers is one of those things. The Energy world can seem very complicated and figuring out which of the hundreds of suppliers to go with can be a nightmare. At SSA we take away that headache for you by doing all the leg work for you. Not only will we search the entire market, but we’ll use our expertise and experience to get you the best possible deal. Here are a few reasons why using an energy broker will benefit both you and your business.


The main reason any of us change our energy tariff is simply to save money. The last thing you want to do is waste money unnecessarily. Using an energy broker is a easy way of ensuring you get the cheapest deal you can. Thanks to our ties with a large number of gas and electricity suppliers and constantly monitoring the market, brokers can always tell you what the most affordable tariff for you is. We can also advise you on ways that your business can save on the amount of energy it uses,


Running a hospitality business takes up huge amount of time and dedication. Researching various suppliers and what they have to offer just takes up time you don’t have. Using an energy broker, however, makes the entire process quick and easy on your part. The broker takes care of all the time-consuming parts for you, gathering quotes and handling all the paperwork that comes with switching.


You may know little about energy and the energy market and you may even feel daunted by the prospect of searching for a good deal. If so, an energy broker is exactly the kind of middle man you need. Energy brokers are gas and electricity experts; they’ll be able to answer any questions you have and break down all the jargon into terms you understand. They’ll make sure you know everything you need to know about the tariff you choose to switch to and how much money it will save you.


There are a lot of different energy providers. You may know about the big six, but can you name many others? The suppliers you know about and would think to get a quote from aren’t necessarily the ones offering the most competitive prices. Through an energy broker, you may be introduced to a supplier you’ve never heard of which offers a tariff that is ideal for your requirements. You may even know exactly how much choice there is and feel overwhelmed by the number of energy providers and tariffs out there. An energy broker can narrow down the options for you and summarise why certain ones are best suited to your business.


Your relationship with an energy broker doesn’t end once you’ve switched your tariff. A good broker will be there when your new contract ends, ready to make sure you keep getting the best tariff available to you. This means that arranging your energy contracts in the future will always be as fuss-free as possible.

Speak to SSA today about your energy needs and we’ll find the best deal on the market for you and take care of everything else. Call our experts on 01733 806330 or email

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