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Food stocktaking

Food stocktaking has never been more important in running a successful business.

As the sale of drink continues to fall more and more business depend on food as their main source of turnover. Without proper procedures in place, margins can deteriorate quickly.

With the decline of sales of alcohol more and more businesses are depending on food as their main source of revenue. Therefore food stocktaking has never been more critical in the running of a successful outlet. Without proper procedures, margins can deteriorate at a fast rate. Food & Beverage Stocktaking are the experts not only in monitoring your stock but also in advising to achieve the best margin possible.

Food StocktakingWe provide on the day reporting including gross profit reports & valuations. We also provide a summary audit report giving a brief description as to how the department performed and outline any areas of concern. With the cost of food ingredients continuing to rise it is important to keep an eye on the cost of things. With our reports and experience we can work with the chef’s and management on ways to improve margins without any loss of quality.

We count all the food on the premises to produce a gross profit from your supplier invoices and income.

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