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Pricing for Stocktaking

If you have been considering outsourcing your F & B stocktaking to an independent F & B stocktaker, then you may be wondering about the price of doing so. In this page we tell you have much an F & B stocktake will cost through us, what we need to quote, the types of stock we will count for you, how often we can do your F & B stocktakes and much more. However, if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

How Much Does It Cost For Our Food And Beverage       Stocktake?

As with most things in life, it isn’t a one-size fits all. While we would love to share our prices on line, we need to know things from you to create a tailor-made stocktaking package to suit the exact needs and requirements of your business.

We have listed the things we need to know below for you. However, we would like to add that by using a professional and experienced food and beverage stocktaker you will be investing in your business, and more often than not you’ll find you’re gaining a much stronger ROI.

The price you see is the price you pay, you don’t get charged extra for our travel or accommodation as we factor that in before we quote for you.

We would always welcome the chance to quote for your stocktaking needs, and whether you choose to use us or not, this is a no obligation, free quote.

What We Need To Quote

To quote for your F & B stocktaking we will need to know your name as this enables us to address you properly and politely. We also need your phone number so we can contact you to arrange a free no-obligation site visit to complete your quote. We will need your business name so we know where you are based. We will then arrange for a site visit.

Here at Sterling Stock Auditors we work very hard to offer accuracy in our quotes, and to ensure we always offer our clients exactly what they and their business needs. This is why we always require a site visit before quoting for your stocktaking needs.

How Do You Charge For F & B Stocktaking?

We charge for stocktakes on either a half day or full day rate. When there are larger stocktakes we multiply those rates by the number of stocktakes needed to complete the work. Wherever possible we will complete a stocktake on the same day. We have a strong background in the catering and hospitality business, so we understand how much a stocktake can affect a business.

The length of time that stocktake will take is based on a number of factors such as stockholding, the type of stock, the number of stock areas and how much the stock is in order, the number of bars and outlets within the premises, the organisation of paperwork such as delivery notes and invoices and the period between stocktakes.


The amount of stock you’re holding within your premises will affect the amount of time it will take to complete your stocktake. For example, if you are holding £30,000 of stock, it is likely that is will take triple the time than if you are holding £10,000 worth of stock. However this is of course down to the type of stock / cost of individual stock too.

Type of Stock

As hinted towards, the stockholding isn’t the be-all and end-all of estimating the length of time a stocktake will take. If you are a premise that has 5 lines of beers and 6 different wines, this will be a much quicker stocktaking process than a premise that offers their clientele a selection of 150 wines, for example. When creating a tailor-made quote for your F & B stocktake, the nature of your business and the size of your menu will be taken into consideration.

Amount of Storage Areas and Bars

If there is one stock area and one bar it is much quicker to complete a stocktake, this is because all stock is in one of two places so it is easier to reconcile stock. When there are movements of stock between one bar and another, and it is not tracked correctly, this can cause stock variances and results in more time taken to figure out where the extra stock has come from or how there is missing stock.

It also takes more time to move between one bar and another, or one stock area to another – especially if you have a larger site or premises. When creating your F & B stocktaking quote we will always take into account any extra bars, serving areas and storage areas.


The common reason that a food and beverage stocktake can take a long length of time or be delayed is because of a lack of the required paperwork. If things like invoices and delivery notes are not filed correctly or easily available to the stocktaker then this will add to the time that the stocktaker is on site. If the paperwork is not available on the day then we may have to send you your stocktaking results at a later date when you can have them available for us. This definitely isn’t ideal for you as a business and your stock control.

Period between Stocktakes

The period of time you leave in between each stocktake will pay a part in the cost of your stocktake. If you have stocktakes 6 months apart, then over this time paperwork such as invoices and delivery notes will gather and this adds to the amount of work that the F & B stocktaker needs to do so your results can be processed.

If you were to have an F & B stocktake every month, instead of every 6 months, you would find that it is a slightly cheaper way to manage your stocktaking and it would enable you to keep a closer eye on your business too.


Our site visits and quotes are completely free of charge and you are under no obligation to work with us. We just welcome the opportunity to learn more about your business and quote for your work.

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