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Holiday Parks In Cornwall and Devon

Holiday Parks In Cornwall and Devon

Having recently been for a trip down to the Cornwall and Devon areas, it got me thinking about the number of great holiday parks down in the area, and just how many holiday makers they cater to.


For those who don’t know already, Cornwall is a very popular destination for international tourists, with many coming to enjoy the region’s unique culture and scenery. It is estimated that over 1.5 million international tourists visit Cornwall each year, many of whom would stay or visit holiday parks whilst in the region. 


Keeping an eye on stock for the region’s holiday parks is so important, because any marginal gains or errors have the potential to be extremely large when the scale of the visitor-related spend across the wider south-west peninsula was an estimated total of £7.3 billion in 2019. (International travel contributing £2.5 billion – equivalent to 3.8% of total gross value added in the area) Given those initial numbers, it is also encouraging to note that international travel in the south-west region is forecast to grow 15% meaning the spend could be as high as £2.88 billion by as soon as just four years time in 2027!


With so many visitors across various sites, it is very important to carry out regular food and drink stock taking, as a process for each holiday park.This helps them to identify and manage their stock levels effectively, so they never run short. Also by carrying out regular stock taking, holiday parks can minimise wastage and reduce costs, ultimately leading to increased profitability. Which could be substantial based on tourism predictions. 


It’s fantastic to see so many great holiday parks in Cornwall and Devon, including Perran Sands Holiday Park, Hendra Holiday Park, Mullion Holiday Park, Devon Cliffs Holiday Park, Ladram Bay Holiday Park, and Golden Sands Holiday Park. 


it would be interesting to connect and find out just how well they all understand the value of regular stock taking and it’s importance in the bigger picture of profitability and customer experience.


This should be an integral part of their stock management practices. Through regular stock taking, these holiday parks are able to maintain optimal stock levels, identify and address issues related to overstocking, understocking, spoilage, theft, and inaccurate ordering.


Holiday parks like Hendra Holiday Park in Cornwall can implement regular stock taking practices, resulting in a reduction of food wastage and increased profitability. Also implementing tighter stock management protocols, can lead to a reduction in potential theft and therefor further increase their profits.


In conclusion, regular food and drink stock taking is an essential process for holiday parks across Cornwall and Devon. By implementing these practices, holiday parks can continue to provide an enjoyable experience for visitors while optimising their operations effectiveness and returns. 

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