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Is Your Bar and Restaurant SAFE For Customers?


Here at Sterling Stock Auditors we believe that there are four factors that make up a ‘safe’ bar and restaurant that creates a safe and loyal customer environment and these are as follows





You need to ensure that the customer SERVICE is pro-active as well as friendly and engaging, while being knowledgeable. A server can make or break the customer loyalty and their experience of your restaurant.

The ABIENCE needs to spot on too so you can create a safe and loyal environment for your customers. Make sure you have warm lighting, contemporary decor, good acoustics and an ambient temperature to make customers want to come back.

The main reason people come to your restaurant and bar is because of the FOOD. You need to have balanced flavours and meals need to be made from good quality products. Make sure meals are cooked with care and well presented. Your food needs to be a treat for the senses.

Consider your EFFICIENCY to create a customer environment that the customer enjoys and wants to come back to. Think about the procedures and systems through the bar and restaurant, and how these affect your customer and their experience with you.


Human beings love to be loyal, it means they know what to expect when they go somewhere they have been before. If a customer enjoys the customer experience at your restaurant and bar it is likely they will come back again. This customer loyalty is great for a catering business and it means the happy customer is likely to tell others and bring friends to your restaurant and bar in the future.

Customers want somewhere that they can enjoy the customer service, the ambience, the food and the efficiency. If one of these things isn’t right on their first visit they may not come back again; with a regular customer you have a chance that they may come back again, but if they experience it twice its unlikely you’ll see them again.

When looking for customer loyalty make sure you play it SAFE.

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