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Choosing The Best Stocktaker For You Catering Business



When you choose the right independent stocktaker you gain their expertise that can only help your business; you also gain their support, knowledge and skills. But there are hundreds of independent catering stocktakers in the UK – how can you choose the right one for your business and you?

The first thing you want to do is to choose a qualified stocktaker. The ILTSA is the only qualifying body for the Licensed Trade in Britain so it’s a good idea to look on their website at the list of qualified stocktakers. You’ll be glad to hear that Sterling Stock Auditors are qualified and accredited stocktakers with ILTSA.

You may also want to consider if you need a local stocktaker, most stocktakers will be happy to travel all over the UK but it is a good idea to double check that an independent stocktaker is able and willing to travel to your business and on a regular basis, if you so choose. Where the stocktaker is based shouldn’t be a major factor in choosing your independent stocktaker, as long as they are willing to travel.

What is more important is the stocktakers experience. Ideally you want to find a stocktaker with experience in your business sector because they can offer you their experience or advice on identifying issues, potential issues and potential opportunities too. The closer the match of the stocktakers the experience to your business, the better they will be able to help and support you and your business.

When you visit the ILTSA website and view the list of qualified stocktakers you will also see the various skills that they can offer your business; for example food or catering experience, multi-bar, multi-venue or mystery shopping experience. This will help you choose the right independent stoctaker for your business and your needs.

When you choose the right stocktaker you will quickly find it is money well spent. By using a qualified, professional and experienced stocktaker you will find the costs are covered many times over as they show you the savings that is possible for your business to make. By not using the expertise of an experienced independent stocktaker you could risk putting your business in jeopardy – and the cost of that could be priceless!

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