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An Independent Stocktaker Will Be Efficient And Accurate


One of the biggest benefits of hiring an independent stocktaker instead of using someone in-house is the efficiency and accuracy that an independent stocktaker brings to the table. Because an independent stocktaker is experienced in stocktaking and it is their main job they will offer a more efficient and accurate stocktake than an inexperienced member of your team who has many other jobs and roles.

An independent stocktaker who is a Member or Fellow of the Institute of Licensed Trade Stock Auditors (ILTSA) will have gone through accredited training and have years of experience in various business which will support them on their visits to your bar, restaurant, hotel, club or pub for stocktaking duties and subsequent reports and meetings.

While the trusted person in your team may be very good at counting the stock, an independent stocktaker will look beyond that. They won’t be ticking off ‘another task’ like your employee, instead they will carrying out an accurate stocktake for your business within a timescale that suits your business needs; meaning you won’t need to bring in employees when the establishment is shut, or disrupt the normal running of your business.

When you use a trusted employee to complete the stocktake in your business you may find the stocktake takes an extremely long length of time as they are not experienced, skilled or confident in what they are doing, or they are distracted by other parts of the business they are involved in.

Alternatively your employee may show a sense of apathy to the task of stocktaking because they don’t want to work extra hours or don’t want this task to take too much time away from the other parts of the business they are involved in, and see as more important.

When you hire the services of an independent stocktaker for your business, you can rest assured that these will never be issues or concerns for your business as they are focused and dedicated on the job in hand – completing an efficient and accurate stocktake for your business.

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