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Why is Mystery Shopping Important for Bars & Restaurants?

Mystery Shopping

Every year companies all over the UK are organising for mystery shoppers to go into their bars and restaurants to be an ‘undercover customer’. Nobody knows the mystery shopper is coming, who they may be or when they may arrive and this means that the mystery shopper gets the ‘normal experience’ of a night out in the owners bar or restaurant.

While your restaurant may have lots of great reviews online and customers seem happy – do you know what the customer is experiencing when they dine with you? Do you know if they have come back again, if you could do something more to make them come back more or if there was a missed sales opportunity?

By having a mystery diner in your bar or restaurant you can gain information on customer service, missed up-selling opportunities, company standards and other things that you may miss while you’re busy running your business. A mystery diner can provide you with information that will help you improve the customer experience for customers in the future to make your business more successful.

A mystery customer or mystery diner is able to go through the purchasing experience of your business and brand, look inside the customer experience and gauge their satisfaction; this can be great information for a business owner that can review this and find ways to innovate and grow the customer base for the business.

The mystery shopper can also provide the restaurant owner with an insight of how employees interact with customers when you are not there; while you’re around they may work hard to impress you with their customer service skills, but does this change when the manager’s back is turned? You’ll soon find out what happens behind your back when you have mystery diner in your restaurant or bar.

Perhaps you have specific concerns of team members and the mystery customer can find ways of viewing this and confirming if they should be concerns or not. The aim of the mystery diner is to ensure that each and every one of your customers have the best possible experience in your bar or restaurant and the information and feedback a mystery diner could give you is worth its weight in gold.

If you’d like to know more about our mystery diner service then please contact us directly; we want to help make a success of your business.

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