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The Not So Obvious Things That Impact Getting Repeat Customers In Your Restaurant

  Repeat customers are of huge importance to a restaurant. These are the customers that are loyal to a restaurant, bring their friends to the restaurant and tell others about their great experience at the restaurant. But how can you make sure that you are offering your customers a great experience to ensure that they […]

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The Role Of A Mystery Diner

  Mystery diners and mystery shoppers have been around for years, when it began a mystery shopper was used as protect the business from theft and they were common services that a bank or store would employ a mystery shopper for. However this was back in the 1940’s and it would be private investigators posed […]

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Why is Mystery Shopping Important for Bars & Restaurants?

Every year companies all over the UK are organising for mystery shoppers to go into their bars and restaurants to be an ‘undercover customer’. Nobody knows the mystery shopper is coming, who they may be or when they may arrive and this means that the mystery shopper gets the ‘normal experience’ of a night out […]

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