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The Role Of A Mystery Diner

Mystery Diners


Mystery diners and mystery shoppers have been around for years, when it began a mystery shopper was used as protect the business from theft and they were common services that a bank or store would employ a mystery shopper for. However this was back in the 1940’s and it would be private investigators posed as employees to see if staff members were stealing from the business.

Nowadays mystery shoppers are not private investigators or spies and shouldn’t be seen as such – mystery diners and mystery shoppers are no longer bought into a business as an employee to catch other employees out. Instead they are bought into the business as undercover customers that will help evaluate all areas of your business.

A mystery diner will check your levels of customer service and ensure that as a business you offer high levels of customer satisfaction, excellent performance levels along with good quality food and drink. A mystery diner comes into your business with the purpose of showing you improvements you can make within your business.

Our mystery diners will enter your establishment with a more critical view than most and they will look out for and take note of the finer details. Their knowledge, insight and feedback is vital in helping you develop a clear and correct overview of what is happening in your business so you have the ability to fix it.

While the feedback from a mystery diner may highlight an employee that is lackadaisical in their customer service or willing to undermine your business, this is not the main aim of the mystery diner and is purely coincidental.

The role of a mystery diner encompasses so much more than just monitoring employees and checking their performance, which is why a mystery diner can teach you so much about your business and help you make real improvements.

If you’d like to know more about how a mystery diner can help your business grow then please contact us directly; we would be happy to tell you more.

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