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How Can I Increase Repeat Customers To My Pub/Bar?


As a business we often fall into the trap of finding ways to attract more and more new customers to our Pub/Bars; however there is something more important than that. How can those new customers be turned into repeat visitors? What can you do to get those new customers back through the door of your Pub/Bar time and time again?

Be Consistent

If customers to your Pub/Bar get the same level of welcome, service and food each time then they will know what to expect and chose to return. If the food tastes different each time, the prices change or the portion sizes go up and down this may put them off dining at your restaurant again.

Reward Loyalty

Consider ways that you can reward loyalty, perhaps loyal customers get added to a newsletter of special offers? You could have a stamp card that means they get 50% off their bill on the 10th visit, or something similar. If customers know they will be rewarded for loyalty, they will come back.

Games Nights

If you have a quiz night or games event every week, or a set day each month then this will soon makes it way into your customer’s calendars. They will then arrange with friends or family to meet at these events and your Pub/Bar will become the ‘hang out’ each week for these customers.

Larger Party Deals

If you can offer special deals or free add-ons for larger groups or party bookings, you have the potential of turning all these customers in the group to repeat customers. These customers could also bring different people to your Pub/Bar in the future, which could lead to more repeat customers.

Great Service

Regardless of the special offers, events and loyalty cards, if the customers receive bad service they will not be back. While your customers can forgive a bad meal, if it is a one off, a bad level of service from staff can be the deal-breaker for a repeat customer. Your servers need to offer top-notch service at all times.


Don’t forget, we offer a mystery customer service so we can try out your restaurant without any of your staff being aware. We will then give you a report of our meal, service, etc and you tell you if we would be repeat customers to your restaurant again, or what can be improved to increase the likelihood of repeat customers.

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