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Why A Catering Business Should Carry Out Stocktakes

Why A Catering Business Should Carry Out Stocktakes

As independent stocktakers we speak to a lot of catering business owners that are unsure why they should carry out stocktakes. This is an extremely common question asked by those in the catering and hospitality businesses, so we thought we would answer it in this blog post.

We have put together three reasons why you should consider taking stock inventories as a regular part of your operational and business routine.

  1. Avoid Theft

Nobody likes to think that people we trust are stealing from us, but sadly this does happen. In fact it is more common than many people like to think. When temptation presents itself it can be too much for some people. We would highly recommend regular stocktakes to keep an eye on your stock. Staff members seeing the regular stock checks will quickly realise that thieves will get caught.

  1. Get Accurate Food Cost

Looking at the net sales against purchasing is a really simple way of finding out your food cost. However, this only works if your stock stays at a static level. Each order placed with suppliers, each meal served to a customer, each wasted item will all affect your food cost. Only a regular stock audit can give you your exact food cost and gross profit %.

  1. For Good Stock Control

When completing the stocktake you will be looking at the stock. As you are counting the stock you can check that stock is being rotated correctly. This will help avoid stock going past its use by date. You will also be able to put stock together, in case it has been stored in two places in error. A stock audit can also help you catch any stock that is running low and may have been missed.


While it would be great to complete regular and thorough stocktakes frequently, this can be very time consuming. Why not hire an independent stocktaker to complete regular and thorough stock audits on your behalf?

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