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Spring Cleaning Your Stock Taking

Spring CLean

While January and February tend to slow down in the catering and hospitality industries, March and April seems to affect these industries like no other industries. The evenings are growing lighter and the weather is more pleasant. Consumers are enjoying evening strolls to their local pubs, meals out in restaurants and trips out for a Sunday Roast.

We would recommend that you take the time to spring clean your stock taking, if you haven’t already!

  • Take the time to access your bar’s product lines and sales performance from the last few months, and this time last year. This way you can understand what sells and what doesn’t sell to make sure you have the right stock available for when that unexpectedly warm weekend when your customers come down in force.
  • Think about the last time you negotiated with your suppliers. For many restaurant and bar owners, it was when they first opened. Now is a good time to talk your suppliers at discounts as you have built up loyalty over time with them. You could get some really good deals on products you buy regularly, or get a better delivery time for example.
  • You’ll notice from previous reports that people tend to move from darker ales to lighter beers and ciders and from reds to roses and whites in the warmer weather. Make sure your stock orders show this too. You’ll also notice that soft drink options will be in greater demand too.
  • While we all want large, warming, filling meals in the winter months, the summer is not the same. Have a selection of bar snacks, healthy treats and lighter options during the warmer weather. Outdoor friendly dishes such as sandwiches or BBQ food may also be worth considering as the weather gets warmer and the days get longer.
  • Check the dates on your stock. Look out for that extra Christmas stock that was ordered in and consider ways of using it in special drinks offers or daily meal specials. This will not only reduce the risk of wastage, but it will also clear more space for your spring and summer stock.
  • With lighter evenings people will want to spend longer out in the evenings. Make the most of this by having a bouncy castle in the beer garden, running beer festivals, live music or BBQ nights for example.

If you need the help of an independent stocktaker to help count your stock, or to offer ideas of boosting your sales in the coming months then call us now. As professional independent stocktakers we would be happy to help you spring clean your stock

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