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BLOG – Could You Run Specials In Your Restaurant?



It is unusual to go to a restaurant and find that they don’t have any specials; but as a restaurant owner it is often hard to decide the best ‘specials’ you can offer for your customers and target audience.

We have put together some ideas below for you, some you may have seen before, some you may have considered or tried yourselves and other that may never have crossed your mind, but could work as really good specials for your restaurant;

Happy Hour Specials

Think about when things are quiet at your restaurant and run a ‘happy hour’ at this time. It could be special drinks and snacks offers for those looking to let off steam after work, a special lunch hour for office workers, or an early dinner deal for those with kids for example. Maybe it’s smaller portions, money off the standard menu or just drinks deals you use as your Happy Hour Specials?

Seasonal Special Menu

Why not offer special menus to suit the season? Such as around Halloween special meals made with pumpkin as the main ingredient, holiday themed meals during the summer holidays and traditional favourites such as figgy pudding during December or Haggis on Burns Night. This gives your customers something different, and a reason to come into your restaurant again.

Limited Offer Specials

We see it in McDonalds all the time, but there is no reason you can’t try it out in your own restaurant. While McDonalds have special burgers for one week or one month only; why not look at limited specials you can offer too? It’s a great way to capitalise on trends, but it also works as a ‘test’ too as the more popular dishes could be added to your standard menu in the future.

Prix Fixe Specials

Known as Prix Fixe specials, or a fixed price menu, this is when you decide what you will offer. The menu is made up of a small selection of starters, mains and desserts and the customer can chose which they would like. Prix Fixe menus are a popular option for busier times in restaurants, such as Mothers Day, Valentines and the festive holidays.

Which specials do you think could work in your restaurant?

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