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Top Tips For Improving Your Sales, Margins And Yield In Winter With Stock Taking

Profit Improvement

In the colder, wetter, darker months it can often be hard to entice your clientele out of their homes and into your premises. This is why every drop of profit, in these quieter months is more important than ever .

We have put together some top tips for improving your sales, margins and yield. All of these tips are related to stocktaking, as this is an excellent thing to keep a close eye on throughout the year, and during your quieter periods.

1.       Look At Your Product Lines Sales

Take the time to look at your product lines on the bar and their sales performance. Gin is an extremely popular beverage at the moment, so you may need to consider stocking up on that for busier nights. If you have the drinks the clientelewant when they come in, it’s more likely they’ll stay longer which means spending more money, and come back again.

2.       Check Supplier Costs

If things are quieter then this is a great time to call around other suppliers for costs. You can then use these quotes to renegotiate with your existing suppliers. This can be a way of drilling down costs which will result in extra savings. Don’t forget it is January & February when many Breweries put there prices up, so keep an eye out on invoices and calculate your new selling prices correctly.

3.       Create Seasonal Drink Offers

This may seem like a really obvious thing to do, but it is missed by so many catering and hospitality business owner. Drink choices change throughout the year. Think about what drinks are popular in the colder months and create drinks offers for these. Even consider special wintery cocktails.

4.       Design Fuller Meals

In the colder weather, your clientele will want to eat more and they’ll want more warming, comfort foods too. By tweaking your set menus or introducing new stodgy desserts you can make a little extra profit for not a lot of extra work. Plus your customers will leave fuller, warmer and happier. These don’t just have to be meat dishes try offering more Vegetarian and Vegan alternatives.

5.       Think Locally

Do your research about events taking place locally during the winter months and make sure you find ways to get involved. By tagging yourself onto local activities and events you could really boost your sales in the winter months. Look out for local ice rinks where customers can warm up with you afterwards, village pantos and similar.


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