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Tips For Boosting Employee Engagement In Hospitality

Employee Engagement

“What if, and I know this sounds kooky, we communicated with the employees.”

Staff turnover in the hospitality world has always been high. However, if you could do something to keep good talent in your catering business for longer, wouldn’t you do it?

Why not boost your employee engagement?

The more engaged employees feel with your business, the more likely they will be passionate about your values. The passion they have for your business and values, the more likely that will want to stay with you and your business for longer.

Why not ask employees to complete a confidential survey about the workplace? This will help you understand how much your employees know about your business, your vision and goals, how engaged they are with your business and what you can do to engage with them more.

When employees are engaged they are connected with your business, they want to do their best and they will work with others to achieve the goals of the business. However, an employee that is not engaged with the business can have serious affects on the business. An un-engaged employee will reduce productivity and lower staff morale. This is turn can prove damaging to the public eye.

By completing confidential surveys you are able to see how you could engage employees more in your business and implement programmes to support an employee engagement goal.

For example, you may want to implement wellness programmes based on the feedback from the employees. This could be as small as changing the times of breaks and their frequency, improving the break room facilities or even looking at the work conditions where employees spend most of their working day.

Why not look at ways to encourage open communication, which is two ways. Make sure that employees know your door is always open if they have any concerns. It is important that you aren’t just the person that tells them off, or pulls them up for things. Instead you need to be there to show support and give praise where it is deserved too.

Healthy competition is a really good way of encouraging team work, but also helping employees meet goals as a business. Think about different ways that you can motivate your team to meat business goals and the sorts of targets or goals you can set. For example, you could have up-selling targets, customer feedback goals and similar.

It is essential that you continue running confidential surveys and ensure that there is an improvement in employee engagement. It is not about doing what you think may work, it is about speaking to your team about what they want, then it will work.

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