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Golf Clubs Turn Heating Bills Into Income With Biomass

Golf CourseGolf Clubs operate 7 days a week, with members wanting a warm club house, bar and restaurant and plenty of hot water for their showers after they have played their rounds. This all adds up to golf clubs having the highest energy spends of any type of sports clubs.

Due to the nature of golf courses, they tend to be in rural locations and are often not connect to mains gas, therefore having to use expensive LPG and Fuel Oil. Biomass boilers use solid wood fuel instead of LPG and Oil fossil fuels.

The Biomass solid wood fuel is cheaper than LPG or Fuel Oil, making savings of approx. 40 – 50% on the cost of fuel. In addition Biomass Boilers also attract  RHI (Renewable Heat  Incentive) payments for each unit of heat produced, paid directly from Ofgem. Once accepted on the scheme you receive payments for 20 years. With the savings on fuel and RHI payments a club should easily make returns of 20% – 30% (or more).

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