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Do I Need to Display A Price List?

 The Price Marking (Food and Drink Services) Order, specifically covered price lists Old Bar Price Listand their display, however this was replaced by The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. There is now a general obligation to give consumers sufficient information at the point of sale, so that they are not misled on price.

  • Therefore it is best practice to follow the same policy as in the Old Price Marking Order.


  • If up to 30 brands of alcohol, other than wine, are available then prices of all must be displayed .
  • If more than 30 brands of alcohol, other than wine, are available then prices of at least 30 must be displayed.
  • The prices of at least five soft drinks should be displayed, if this number is available.

It should be noted that the five soft drink prices form part of the total number of prices required to be displayed under the bullet point above and are not additional to it.

  • If wine is sold for consumption with food (but not merely sold among other drinks), the price of at least five wines – if this number is available- must be displayed.

Menus and price lists must include all material information required by an average consumer to make an informed choice – such as name/brand/strength/price of drinks along with the operators name and the name establishment which are usually given on the menus/price lists. Prices must include VAT. You must also make clear if you have a compulsory service charge, cover charge or minimum order.

Where you display and how you display the information is not prescribed in the Regulations, but it should be clear and easily readable by the average consumer. Bars should show the price list at the bar where orders are taken. In cafes and restaurants, the prices can be marked in menus or price lists.

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