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10 Tenets of Energy Saving – #1

Energy ManagerBefore you can make any informed decisions you need to measure and understand your current usage. By using Wireless monitoring you are able to pinpoint where the inefficiencies are and then concentrate on the best savings. Undertaking monitoring of your energy use on average identifies savings of 10%, but in a lot of cases this can be even greater.

If you are going to consider installing monitoring equipment, make sure that you check with your supplier that it meets the criteria of Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme as this will also boost your cash flow in the year of installation.

The system should give you.

  • Real-time, accurate and detailed information in an easily understood form, allowing you to control waste and improve your profitability.
  • No interruption to power during installation, be able to be retro fitted and integrate with any existing system.
  • Should be simply to use and understand.

Monitoring systems will usually give rapid Return On Investment thanks to energy saving.

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